See the handsome guy in the picture? That’s me, Chuck. I have done a lot of things around here over the years but mostly thousands of signs. I still enjoy it though, but as a business it has changed a lot… it sure isn’t the trade I fell in love with in 1973. However, if you need anything done of this sort regardless of how tangential, I know about it. And I will be happy to explain the route to the best outdoor advertising, for dollar spent.

Need some advice on signage of some kind ? Call me – 250-338-6888 You might not choose to hire me to fabricate a large exterior graphic, but you will come away with some expert consultation. Please free to view any of the galleries below to see some examples of my work over the years.

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Pacific Mural Art

Please call about our canvas prints, and large format digital photos on walls, wood, plastic,  metal and glass.

Vehicle wraps, truck lettering, LED letters, Site signage, Decals, 3-D, Board signs, Banners, Murals. Click the image above to visit our site.