Websites & Google+ Pages

Most small businesses know that having a website of their own is very important. A website is like having a full time 24/7 salesperson always promoting your brand. Having email sent from your personalized domain is just more professional looking. Your website serves as a place where you can build trust with potential clients and allow them to get to know you a bit and look over what you have to offer in a stress free manner.

Many design firms are asking $2500 – $5000 for a site, I can only imagine a lot of that cost is for extras that they want to sell you, regardless of whether you have a business case need for them. I can do a full featured site for 10 to 20% of that, depending on the bells and whistles you want. We will talk about what your objectives are for your site and what you want it to accomplish. Each site I design is tailor made for YOU. I don’t produce cookie cutter type sites. Whether you need a simple place to show off your work, or a place to educate your current and potential customers or if your need runs to a full fledged e-commerce site, I can get it done, cost effectively and on budget.

Send me an Email, and let’s get your automated salesperson made for you.